Toddler Cups - transition Away From Bottles

Toddler Cups are the perfect gift for your newborn baby. Toddlers usually take a lot of interest in the things that they drink and eat. If you choose the right cup, your baby will love it. The most important thing is to buy a safe one for your baby. You do not want to give him an ordinary sippy cup for him to drink from. Here are some considerations you need to keep in mind when buying toddler cups.

Toddler Cups


Toddler Cups should be spill proof. This means that it will be able to absorb any liquid that spills onto it. There are different materials for these cups; however, if you want something that will last then you can opt for the polyethylene material. It will be ideal if the toddler cups you are going to purchase have good spill proof feature. Also, you may want to choose the same material so that it will last longer.


Size is another thing to consider. Toddler cups should be big enough for your baby. It will be easy for him to drink from it even up to the time when he is already a toddler. Make sure that it is not too big or too small for your child. Toddlers usually love cups with different colors. Choose the color that would be suitable for the age of your child.


Toddler Sippy Cups comes in different styles. There are infant toddler cups that are insulated and they have a built-in spout. There are toddler cups that come with a lid and they do not have any insulation. It is up to you to choose which one would be better for your baby.


Toddler Cups generally come in three types of materials; polyethylene, polystyrene, and polypropylene. Each type of material has its own advantages. A polystyrene cup is usually made from low density polyethylene. These are lightweight cups and are considered disposable.


Toddler cups made from high density polyethylene are safe to use even for very young babies. This material is sturdy and can withstand extreme temperatures. Polypropylene cups are also lightweight and are considered most hygienic compared to other materials. There are also sippy cups made from polypropylene but these are not as common.


If you want your baby's cups to be spill-proof then you should choose the specially designed spill proof toddler cups. These cups are made with a combination of durable and leak-proof materials. Some of the materials commonly used in the manufacturing of these cups include high density polyethylene, ABS, and silicone.


Toddler cups are not only useful for feeding babies but you can also use them for other purposes. You can place them in your purse, bag, or briefcase for keeping your baby stuffs in order. SIP mini bags and SIP travel bags are perfect for carrying your baby stuffs. There are so many different types of Toddler Cups available in the market today. You just need to explore your choices to find the best fit for your baby's needs.


Toddler cups are also known as drinking shots, straws, or drinking nips. They are used to replace drinking utensils like a shot glass and are often used during parties. These cups are made from foam or plastic materials that do not leak or get stained by juices. The material is flexible enough to fit the babies' head completely. It is also easy to carry and store.


A stainless steel sippy cup is an ideal gift for a new mom or dads who have new little children. This type of cup is made from food-grade high density polyethylene that doesn't contain vinyl or PVC. The cup is dishwasher safe and it is usually slip-resistant so it won't leak its contents everywhere. It has a non-sticking surface that prevents it from becoming dirty after repeated use.


With the help of this cup, your little one's transition away from bottles and toward cups. You can choose one according to their cup size. Aside from being practical, it serves as a good addition to your kitchen. Because of its functionality, it makes your kitchen more organized and presentable at the same time.


As your little ones grow up, you might need to purchase different types of drinking vessels. However, since newborns cannot physically drink from bottles, you can't put bottles on them. You need to think about other options aside from bottles that will give your baby the freedom to drink out of the water or milk that they get from the mothers. A flexible drinking device is one such option and there are lots of designs to choose from.