What To Look For When Buying Silver Baby Spoons

Silver baby spoons make a beautiful present for any new born baby. Parents of the child often keep them with them forever after they are born until they pass them onto relatives when they pass away. A lot of time goes by before they are laid to rest in a vault or given away as a family heirloom. If you still have your spoon, weigh it against other silver items that have passed from one generation to the next. This way you can determine if the value of your spoon is higher than other silver items that have been around for many years.

Silver Baby Spoons


Most sterling silver baby spoons today are round in shape with a flat bottom. They are typically available in three to four different sizes depending on the height of the child. It doesn't take much to determine the approximate value of your spoon based on its dimension. If you have access to a table to weigh it, note the weight and then weigh it again using another measuring cup. If it has lost a little bit of its weight, then it probably isn't worth as much as you think it is.


Most parents will use sterling silver baby spoons when feeding their children. There are eight to ten holes on each side of the bowl. These holes are there to prevent spills from getting into the cup when using a normal spoon. However, some people still prefer to use plastic spoons instead of the sterling silver ones because the plastic ones are easier to clean up. Some people also prefer not to use the sterling silver spoons in food that is intended to be served to babies because the metal can tarnish easily.


You may wonder how spoons come into existence in the first place. The human hand was probably the first one to use this spoon. As years passed, other animals such as rodents and snakes also used this spoon to help them eat. In ancient times, gold was used for embellishment as well as decoration. At that time, the spoon was associated with royalty so only wealthy people were allowed to use it.


For infants, the spoon can be made out of porcelain or clay. In terms of materials, silver is probably the most common of the three. Today, the spoon is usually decorated using precious stones. While the porcelain and clay still use silver for decoration, nowadays the trend is to use other metals such as gold, titanium and stainless steel.


Baby spoons should not be given too early to the child because silver is soft and does not react with the baby's skin. If you want to give your kid a pretty silver spoon, you can buy them one during the holiday season when you go shopping for gifts. Since there are many baby shower gifts available in the market, it is impossible to choose the right one. For this reason, it is very important that you take time to shop and consider the many options available for the gift.


There are plenty of ways to make your spoon look pretty. You can decorate it by painting it with stickers or embellishments. You can also attach a ribbon or laces on the handle of the spoon. Some spoons have beautiful antique designs stamped on the metal. If you want to engrave the design, then you can use an electric engraver; however, do not use a brush to paint as this could damage the design.


If you want to give one to an older person, then the best gift would be silver time. The design and quality of these silver spoons will make them remember the good memories they had with their parents. Other great options for gift include silver photo frames, silver jugs, silver picture frames and silver plaques. For special occasions like birthdays, graduation events, anniversaries and weddings, you can give one of these silver items to that special someone.