Benefits of Portable Changing Pads

Portable Changing Pads

Having a newborn child means that you are no longer familiar with diaper changing, which are at best a challenge, and at worst downright messy. It's easy to get frustrated when your little one isn't prepared to be a part of the process, often because he or she is simply not used to it. There are times when you simply can't seem to work up the motivation to do what needs to be done, no matter how hard you try. This is especially true when your child is ill, has severe diarrhea, or requires special attention. Regardless of the reasons, it is important that you be able to keep your child as clean as possible when changing his or her diapers.


A portable changing pad can help. These pads are designed for easy diaper changing and can often be carried with you from location to location. They are small enough to fit easily in your purse or backpack, so you won't have to worry about lugging around a large bag just for your baby. Plus, they are convenient because they take the stress out of having to find a place to change your baby. Portable changing pads offer clean and comfortable surfaces for diaper changing, both while at home or on the road.


The pads themselves are made from waterproof material, as are most portable changing pads. These pads are generally made with a vinyl cover to ensure that they stay on the surface, but vinyl does wear down over time. This is easily remedied by washing the vinyl in running water with a mild detergent.


Most portable changing pads are designed for use with infants and toddlers, although there are some models designed for babies that are a bit larger. The standard size for most are designed to lay flat on the floor, but there are some models that come with a tray that can be used to position them on. These trays may be folded up, rolled onto the floor, or placed on a table. They generally fit between three and five infants.


The most popular style of portable changing pads are those that are t-shaped. These are shaped like a donut and are great for newborns who still need a place to sit when mommy is holding them. The t-shaped pad can also be used with infant carriers, because it can fit through most standard size infant carriers. This makes it easier for parents to transport their babies around. Some carriers allow for the parent's arms to be free while still holding the baby, which is great for the mother who is carrying more than one baby.


When buying portable changing pads, you need to make sure they come with waterproof covers, because babies can get wet if they have to change their clothes in water. Most manufacturers will include a set of waterproof wipes in the package. These wipes can either be disposable or washable. You need to make sure you buy the correct size of wipes, so that they fit correctly and do not get stuck in the fabric of the changing pad.


If you have a mobile changing station at home, you can purchase an additional strap to use with your portable changing pads. These straps are usually made of nylon, but can be any type of fabric, including Velcro. Using a strap to hold your baby helps to keep their bottom against the changing station, where it will stay dry. Be sure to purchase a waterproof strap for these, or washable ones.


Another advantage to using PVC is that they are very durable and can handle lots of wear and tear. Because they are made of PVC, they are free from phthalates and other harmful chemicals. As long as the portables changing pads stay in good shape, parents should not have any safety concerns. They also come in a wide range of colors and patterns, including solid colors and patterns of many different textures, like velour. Parents often find that choosing a nice pattern that matches the changing station is more appealing than picking a plain color.