Nursery Plate Covers Add a Personal Touch

Nursery switch plates are not only essential to a nursery, but they add a great decorative touch. Nursery settings are not only filled with plants and small critters; they are also the home of many important items in the nursery. Therefore, it is important to protect these items from accidental drops and spills. Plates help prevent accidental damage and ensure that these objects do not break or fall onto other items causing damage or injuries.

Nursery Switch Plates


In today's world, nurseries are filled with various items such as, cribs, day beds, changing tables, window seats, trundle beds, gliders, rocking chairs, gliders, glider bars, perimeters, fences, swings, and walkways. Because there are so many different things in a nursery, it is important that they are protected. The easiest way to achieve this goal is with Nursery switch plates. These decorative wall plates allow for easy movement on walls while also providing a functional purpose. Single toggle light switch plates has a simple to clean and maintain design, which makes them a popular addition to nursery walls.


The solid brass construction of single toggle light switch plates has anodized aluminum and anodized black oxide. The anodizing process improves the quality of the welds. This metal is sturdy and extremely resistant to corrosion and does not require any additional coating. The anodized aluminum has anodized black oxide, making the plate rust proof.


A strong double rivet head holds the plate to the studs in the wall. These studs are designed to hold most types of Nursery wall switch guards. Double rivet head construction reduces the number of screws required for installation. The result is less time consuming and the ability to install Nursery wall switch guards with minimal effort.


The powder coated finish will protect the plates from stains and rust accumulation. The plate covers come complete with white colored screws for easy assembly. You can choose from four different sizes of plates. The large round cover is perfect for outlets with the round hole pattern. There is a smaller, thinner black and silver colored round cover designed for compact light switches.


Installing wall switch plate covers requires a little patience and minimal equipment. First you must locate your wall studs. Next you must mark the center point of where the new plate will be installed. You will want to make sure the plate will cover the outlets you wish to use. Most Nursery wall plate covers come complete with white colored screws for easy assembly.


Nursery wall switch guards plate covers keep electrical devices such as lights and hair dryers safe. The plates slip over the existing outlet and secure to the wall. This makes it impossible for children or pets to reach electrical items. When not in use, the covers keep the outlet dry and safe so you do not have to worry about water or moisture getting into the electrical devices.


The white powder coated finish will protect these items from moisture or liquid. The light-weight covers are very effective at keeping electrical devices secure. They are easy to install and come with white and silver screws to assemble. The plastic guards have four long screws with the screw holes pre-drilled. The plate covers keep your wall safe and clean and is simple to replace if it becomes worn or damaged.


These wall plate covers are ideal for Nurses and Home Health Professionals who perform daily tasks such as applying eye protection, cleaning and changing patients' diapers. The plastic guards keep the electrical devices clean and free of dust and debris, which can damage the electronic parts. The durable white powder coating ensures that the devices are kept clean and dry.


Nursery light switch plate covers are specially designed and manufactured by hand to ensure longevity and appearance. The original artwork designed and manufactured by chango is made from premium grade 600 denier PVC. The plates are fade and scratch resistant and has an easy to clean surface.


Only offer safe, easy to install, and clean components. The product is designed and manufactured to be a high quality, durable plastic easy to install, and easy to clean with rubber film. To complete your Nursery needs, add a few special features. No matter how simple or complex your Nursery task may be, just add a few original artwork designed and manufactured by chango to complete your masterpiece.