Styles Available in Nursery Chests & Dressers

Nursery Chests & Dressers are a popular feature of nursery furniture that many first time parents and interior designers often overlook. They make a beautiful addition to any nursery and can be used in a variety of ways from baby's room to an overall design theme throughout the entire room. When selecting a Nursery Chest or Dresser there are several key features to look for that will help ensure you purchase the right one. It is important that the stroller or crib is large enough to accommodate your growing baby, yet small enough to maintain a comfortable and safe fit. The top features to look for in this type of furniture include:

Nursery Chests  Dressers


If you are on a budget, you might want to consider purchasing a stand-alone Nursery Chests & Dressers unit. These are made easy with their front panel doors featuring durable, locking features. The majority of these units are built with space saving in mind and can often feature five drawer compartments for stowing clothing as well as two rows of large and clear storage bins. A great feature to pay close attention to is the wide base that is included, this provides ample leg room for standing and sitting comfortably. Some of these units even feature side and end shelves, which can be used for holding a number of different accessories while still keeping them organized and clutter free.


If you are working on a specific theme for your nursery, you may prefer to purchase a fully customizable Nursery Chests & Dressers set. These are generally made easy, as most come with a variety of bright colors, solid wood finishes, and the traditional wood tone. They feature four drawers in every storage area, allowing you to grow as large of a nursery as your budget allows.


These models are usually constructed with a standard, rectangular or square drawer layout. Most offer the traditional two, three, or four drawer operation, and can be finished in a variety of stains. This style of dresser allows for greater expansion, especially when considering the fact that most commonly used items tend to be stored in these drawers. Some styles include a solid wood frame that can be finished in a variety of colors, and some styles provide additional compartments as well as shoe racks.


If you are looking for a dresser with more functionality, you will be interested in one that comes with metal frame and solid wood drawers. These units are a little more expensive than those that utilize a standard drawer set but offer a sturdy and dependable storage option for any nursery. They tend to come in a standard, square, or rectangular drawer layout, and can be finished in a variety of stains. Some styles include fabric bins to store baby clothes, and others may include a shoe organizer or other added storage features.


If your home has a lot of curls and tangle, and you have a large number of baby clothes needing organization, you may want to look into a Nursery Chest Set. Nursery chests provide easy access to your growing baby clothes. The chest is quite sturdy and stands on its own. A nursery chest set typically consists of a bottom storage drawer, two side drawers, and one or two upper drawers, depending upon the model. They are very space efficient and can save you a considerable amount of room in your home.


Belle Isle furniture offers a beautiful collection of Nursery Chests and dressers, all of which are finished in an antique wood finish to match their vintage decor. The lovely wood grains in the ensemble add a rustic charm to the atmosphere. The style of the drawers also compliments the antique style of the furniture, which allows you to easily match the hardware in the drawers to the overall styling of the unit. You may want to consider a Belle Isle chest with a larger top opening, which would allow for more storage space.


An example of a Belle Isle dresser with a larger top opening is the Beauty & Bridal Collection by Belle Isle furniture. This beautiful dresser features a beautiful glass top, along with four drawers, all of which open to reveal a luxurious collection of bedding and clothing. The drawers are organized by season and can be found in an assortment of colors and styles, allowing you easy access to your child's clothing as well as books and toys. For convenience, the bottom of the drawer is covered in a protective fabric. This piece of furniture is perfect for a modern mother who wants to maximize storage space, while creating a visually appealing space for her growing child.