Moses Baskets - A Guide to Buying the Best Bed For Your Child

The tradition of using Moses Baskets in the Jewish faith is said to have begun when the child Moses was born. His foster parents placed him in a birthing basket so that he could suckle on honey from the honeymoon of his father, which was forbidden according to the Jewish law. Being a very young boy, he managed to swallow some of the water from the honeypot. From this time onwards the tradition of using a Moses basket as part of the Jewish ritual started. Today there are several types of these baskets available and are used for a number of different purposes.

Moses Baskets


Most Moses Baskets are made of wicker, although they can be made of other materials. Wicker is the most common of these materials used, as they are easy to mould into different shapes. You can even get slightly bigger wicker Moses baskets which are usually made out of more sturdy, synthetic, Washable material. These will be packed very tightly but still able to carry your baby throughout the months of pregnancy without the fear of it breaking.


You will find a huge range of different sizes and colours of Moses Baskets, so no matter what the gender of your little one, you will be able to find a bassinet or crib size that suits them perfectly. Many parents like to use a bassinet for their twins or children, even though a crib would be more preferable for a newborn. It makes sense to use a bassinet for your baby as they are smaller than a crib and therefore safer to use.


Moses Baskets comes in a wide variety of different styles, sizes and shapes. There are many different reasons why people prefer different types of these, including safety and comfort. If you have a baby close to your heart, you may think about getting a Moses basket so that you both have something to sleep on at night. This can be a very romantic way to end a sleepover for two. There is nothing more comforting than knowing that someone else cares so much about your baby that they went to such trouble to get you a Moses Basket. If you want a more portable option then there is Moses Baskets that can be folded up and carried in your purse.


Most Moses baskets now come with their own matching changing table and mattress so if you want to keep things simple when changing your baby's diapers, you can do this yourself. There are many different brands and models to choose from including those that have metal handles, wooden handles, soft fabric covers and the all-time classic Moses Baskets with washable fabric covered handles. This is by far the best basket to buy because you can easily fold it away and store it anywhere. Metal or wooden Moses Baskets are not portable at all so keep this in mind if you are planning to move your basket around often.


Moses Baskets generally ranges in size from four inches wide and twenty-three inches long to seven inches wide and forty-three inches long. These sizes fit most standard cribs and child beds. Some of the more popular brands include Noah's Basket, American Baby, Graco Baskets and many others. The taller models sometimes come with a drop down center that can be used to support a full grown person while changing your baby. These can be useful, but keep in mind that a taller basket will usually weigh more and may not be portable if carrying around a newborn.


There are two main types of Moses baskets. The first kind of basket is simply a cot holder with an attached changing mat. This type of basket is great if you want to keep an eye on your baby while they are sleeping, but don't want to bother with the hassle of changing their cot or using another cot table. They also fold flat, which makes it very easy to store and can be taken out just as easily. They do not, however, have handles so you won't be able to pull the Moses Basket around your cot or cradles your baby while changing them.


Moses Baskets with matching changing mats and a separate changing pad can combine to create a very mobile ensemble. These are the kind that you would see mom and dad carry around the rest of the way to the baby's nursery. It is not quite as portable as the one without the handles, but it is still much more convenient than just leaving the cot at the baby's room. With a Moses basket and matching mattress, you can bring your child along with you for the rest of the day and night if you wish, making it the ultimate portable bed.