The Maternity Pillows - A Lightweight Guide in Pregnancy

A maternity pillow is not a common accessory in the modern household. Yet, it is an essential one, especially if you have already given birth. The pregnancy pillow can be found in different sizes and shapes; some are designed for your back or your tummy while others are designed for your legs and feet. They are not only comfortable, but they can also help protect you and provide you with support to your belly and your spine. These pillows can also make you fall asleep easily without having to use other pillows.

Maternity Pillows


If you are worried about how to look for the perfect maternity pillows that you can use throughout your pregnancy, you should be happy to know that there are pillows that are machine washable so you don't have to worry about taking them off when you have to wash them. Most of these pillows are made from polyester fill that is usually machine-washed, a feature that most maternity pillows do not have. However, there are those that you can wash by hand and these are more durable compared to the ones that you can machine-wash. Machine washable pillows are ideal for you because they can be used for a longer period of time before you will have to wash them.


When buying any type of pillow, you may find it easier to choose between latex and foam. Some people opt to buy these two since they are softer. However, there are also foam maternity pillows that are also available in the market. You may find comfort and support from either type of pillow that you can avail.


Aside from being able to offer maximum comfort and support, you may also consider the design and style of the maternity pillows. There are styles and designs that are suitable for your baby's stage of development. For example, there are pillow models that can be used during early stages of pregnancy. These types are usually shaped like a triangle and it provides support and comfort while you are lying on your back.


On the other hand, there are also wedge pillows that provide support and comfort while you are pregnant. Wedge pillows can also be used during breastfeeding. If you prefer not to use wedge pillows, you may use the standard mattress or foam pillow. The only difference is that it is thinner, which provides support to your entire body.


The main purpose of maternity pillows is to provide comfort and support to your entire body. However, one of the main complaints of expecting mothers aches in their belly region. If you are using an ordinary pillow, chances are, you will have to push the pillow underneath your belly to support the said part. However, if you are using the wedge pillows, you can sit or lie down without having to push the pillow under your belly. This way, you will not feel aches in your belly. Aside from aches, you can also use this pillow for support and comfort when you are eating, sleeping, and at rest.


During the third trimester, you will not have the complete support from your maternity pillows. As your uterus continues to expand, you will experience pressure in your abdomen. Because of this, you will end up sleeping on your sides. And since your body does not get enough blood and nutrients to support yourself, the result may be exhaustion and pains in your knees sleep.


Memory foam and latex maternity pillows are the perfect choices to combat these discomforts during pregnancy. While they provide comfort and support to your body, you do not have to worry about any aches in your legs or headaches at night. Unlike a wedge or air pillows, memory foam and latex have springs inside them that make them comfortable to sleep on. Also, unlike regular pillows, memory foam offers more support for your tummy, hips, and thighs. For pregnant women with these discomforts, these are the most ideal options.