Different Types of Baby Jeggings

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Baby Jeans


Baby jeggings are the newest trend for pregnant mothers. The fashionable trend is increasing exponentially and so do the options available. Expect to see more of the same classic cuts that you have grown accustomed to - like the stretch Jean with stretchable material and sweetheart pockets. You may also like the soft hued stretch jeggings in different textures like chiffon and satin. And if comfort isn't your thing, check out the elegant cashmere leggings in various colors to choose a look that suits you best. You will also find stretchable jeans with an adjustable waist and with or without a drawstring.


One good thing about the current trend of baby jeggings is that they are comfy enough to let you go out in public without worrying about your baby's comfort. So if it is too cold to wear jeggings - worry not! You can still accessorize them with a cute scarf and a pair of trendy heels. As long as you pick the right top to pair it with, you won't go wrong. Here are some top picks for the season:


Classic Low Top Jeggings These come in either black or white. The classic low rise jeans are also in wide range of sizes and styles. There are several pairs that offer the stretchable material which allows you to move around while wearing them. They are perfect for when you want to jazz up your outfit. Available in numerous colors, these jeggings can make you look glamorous and gorgeous - no matter what you are wearing underneath. And just like everything else in this collection, these come in affordable prices.


High Heel Jeggings Another favorite among mothers is the high heel jeggings. These are definitely not for the faint hearted because of their quite tall look (which is ideal for pregnant women). They are also made from a stretchable material so that you can also wear them to work or anywhere you need to be pretty. These jeggings also come in several colors so you can coordinate them with your current wardrobe. They are comfortable, and you can expect them to last for a few seasons.


Cropped Jeggings These are the perfect pick for those who love wearing jeggings but do not have the height or body type to match them. Their unique flatters your figure and makes you look sexy and lovely. The cropped leggings usually come in a single tone, but there are also variations in fabric used which range from soft to medium. They are very comfortable to wear and are available in several colors to match your mood.


Ankle Stilettos Another must-have in your closet is the ankle strap jeggings. You can easily show them off in a short mini skirt or a mini dress. Ankle stilettos are also perfect for summertime parties and get-togethers. You can also choose to leave the stilettos at home and go for leggings instead.


Baby Jogger Jeggings If you like fun, funky, and feminine styles then you must also have an interest in jogging with your baby in the morning. Baby joggers are actually quite fashionable when compared to jeggings and are best for casual occasions. They are made of nylon and usually come in two or three colors. It is best to pair it up with a cute t-shirt and simple jeans so that you don't have to worry much about looking fashionable. It is also best to make sure that the jeggings you will purchase are comfortable for your baby so that he or she can run around freely and without any risk of accidents.