Infant Safety Car Seats Guide

Infant Safety Car Seats

Convertible Car Seats: To save on car seats for infants, you may need to invest in convertible baby car seats that will hold babies as light as five pounds to even older children as heavy as 100 pounds. They have fully adjustable harnesses to safely hold your infant in place from infancy to late childhood until they are strong enough to leave the car seats in their car seats. For a few more pounds, convertible car seats that are also equipped with slings can hold children up to the age of five or six years. All have a safety belt that is properly fitted to ensure the child is securely fastened in the seat.


Baby Trend: For those looking to protect an infant's head, Baby Trend offers a line of infant safety car seats that have been specifically designed to protect your baby's head and neck. Each model comes with an infant car seat belt, a front facing harness and a five-point harness. You can also choose the front side airbags, which are fully locking to ensure your child's safety in the event of an accident.


BeGreen: A leading manufacturer of infant car seats and infant safety car seats in the United States, BeGreen manufactures infant seats that are certified by the Juvenile Product Manufacturers' Association (JPMA). Their infant b-safe 35 car seats are made with a variety of materials including, foam, plastic, vinyl, and polycarbonate. Their seats have a plastic keyhole release system that allows parents to easily change the key without removing the chair from the car seat. Each of the front infant safety car seats has a five-point harness for support. The backside of the seat has an ABS lockable system for additional security.


Dora: Dora the Explorer is not only a fun character to watch on television, but this popular series is great for encouraging children to stay safe in their cars. Dora the Explorer features a rear-facing child seat that allows up to forty pounds of weight to be comfortably placed in the seat. This front seat also has a front airbag as well as side-impact airbags for additional protection for children who may be struck by an inattentive driver. Both front and rear-facing harnesses are included in this infant seat.


Dryer Safe Seat Pad: This infant safety video seat pad is made from a vinyl material that provides easy cleaning. The dryer safe seat pad is available in different sizes to fit babies of all sizes. The pad is designed with an interlocking hook and loop strap to secure the pad to the frame of the stroller or car seat. A vinyl shoulder belt helps to ensure that your baby will be comfortable throughout the flight. The dryer safe seat pad is designed to provide up to thirty minutes of protection from the hottest parts of a dryer.


ProRIDE Pro: For parents who are looking for an infant car seat with an affordable price tag, the ProRide Pro infant seat is a great choice. The ProRide Pro is designed with a low center of gravity that makes it very stable when fitted into the backseat. It is also a high quality product that is designed for two children. The best features of this product are the adjustable base and the three-point harness system. The seat's adjustable base can be adjusted up to five different positions and it includes a locking footrest so you can be sure that your child is in the proper position.


Graco Sleeper: If your little one needs extra support while sleeping, the Graco Sleeper might be a great option. This Graco Infant seat has a low profile design that provides the support your little one needs without the bulk that some baby car seats need to offer. This seat also has a five-point harness system that helps to keep your baby secure. It is also available in five different colors.


Graco Crib Checks: With an infant seat, it is important to check on the stability of your child's cranium. The Crib Check from Graco has received high reviews from both the pros and the cons. The Crib Check features a front passenger crash sensor and a five-point harness system to help keep your baby secure. It also has a five-point harness and front impact absorber to reduce the chance of side impact injuries.