Pound For Toddlers - A Durable Toy For Any Toddler

Pounding toys are a great source of laughter and much enjoyment for toddler and baby as they pound, roll and stomp around in their little beds. These are an amazing early-learning favorite where kids explore shape, cause and effect, colour awareness and hand-eye coordination. Because babies can't yet count, these playthings allow them to use both eyes and fingers to help reach the toy parts. When a toddler learns to touch the toy balls, they learn to count.

Pounding Toys


A soft plastic hammering ball is about the size of a large marble. It's easy to make and store in a waterproof container. They're strong and sturdy, so your child can keep it on a stable surface. A water-based paint is applied over the top of the stone, which makes it easier for your child to hammer away at his or her birthday cake. These hammers make excellent Christmas gifts for young girls who love these particular toys.


You'll love the way your toddler will sit on the rocking chair with this unique rocking toy that folds in half. Baby is able to stretch out her tiny little arms and legs to rock back and forth. The rocking motion is very smooth because the soft polyethylene plastic is filled with plastic pellets. One end of the specially designed rope fits snugly over the seat and the other ends snap together into a one-piece hammering ball. This unique and creative toy is a perfect gift for any nursery.


This durable plastic hammering ball is made by Rubbermaid. It is one of the most popular brand names in hammers. Each of the six balls has a rubber bumper that provides extra stability for this unique product. Rubbermaid offers this product in a variety of fun colors. It is manufactured in the United States and sold under the brand name of Rubbermaid.


This unique hand-held kids toy offers a new and innovative approach to the traditional rocking horse. Your little one can gently pound on the sides as she rocks from side to side. The soft material on this toy makes it safe for your baby's delicate fingers. The toy comes with a cover that rides on the toy, not the table. The toy is designed to roll onto a bed and then fold up for easy storage.


This kids educational toy is a perfect gift for toddlers who love to pound on things. Its realistic texture gives your toddler the feeling of how a real climate hammer looks like. The kids sorter is designed with an adjustable handle that makes it easy for you to place it in the cabinet or dresser for easy reach. The toy comes in a blue and green color and is available in three different sizes.


This adorable and cuddly plush is another one of the top educational toys for toddlers this year. It is a perfect Christmas gift for toddlers. The plush is made from a soft plush material and is a stuffed animal that has a Velcro strap around its neck. When the Velcro is undone, it quickly flattens itself out making it a comfortable pillow for your child to snuggle up with. The toy is made to fit one toddler and is machine washable, so it makes a great holiday gift for those parents who don't want to spend a lot of money on other items for their children.


This is the perfect gift for any young boy, girl, or even parent. This durable toy is sure to be a hit as a Christmas gift this year. Pounding toys can be used with other toys such as block sets or wooden train sets for even more fun. These toys are sure to stimulate a toddler's imagination this Christmas season. So for a quick, easy, and inexpensive gift this year take a look at these picks for the best pound for toddlers.