The Advantages of Disposable Diapers

Disposable Diapers

One of the biggest pluses for using disposable diapers is their convenience. They're designed to be disposed of once they've been used. That's their biggest selling point to most parents. Convenience. The fact you could simply toss old, used diapers into a drawer makes them ideal even if you're short on time.

Beyond convenience, though, there are many reasons that disposable diapers can be good for your baby and for the planet. The absorbency makes sure that little messes aren't left behind on the bed, floor, or wherever else he goes. Absorbency means less waste than regular diapers. Less waste equals less landfill waste. Less landfill waste equals a smaller carbon footprint.

In addition, because disposable diapers frequently have organic cotton components, they are much less likely to cause problems in landfills. The cotton that is grown in standard, non-organic farms poses a problem because it absorbs carbon dioxide in the soil, which then goes up into the atmosphere. It's thought that about one-third of all carbon dioxide released from traditional farms is from cotton cultivation. By using cotton grown organically, you can significantly reduce your baby's carbon footprint. That's why some environmentalists find it hard to justify not using disposable diapers at all.

Disposable diapers also help solve another problem faced by cities across America: the disposal of waste. In the US, about three-fourths of all municipal solid wastes-sewage, oil, grease, and trash-are simply dumped in regular trash cans. (There's also the issue of overflowing landfills.) By taking out used and unwieldy diapers, cities can eliminate nearly a third of the nation's yearly solid waste.

An additional benefit of disposables is that they tend to be super absorbent. Traditional cotton diapers are bulky and wetting, which make them less comfortable for babies. They also take time to dry. When you look at a pair of super absorbent diapers, though, you will see just how convenient they can be. In just two hours or less, a pair of disposable diapers can dry up and shrink while they absorb up to 8 times their own weight in water!

While the quality of disposable diapers is higher than most other cloth diapers, the best ones out there are made of pure cotton. Pure cotton has many health benefits, including being flame-resistant, hypoallergenic, and easy on the environment. Many baby products companies include cotton fibers in all of their products, so you are not limited to just generic cotton baby diapers. Even super absorbent, self-woven, 100% cotton seamless diapers have the durability and comfort of a quality pair of disposable diapers.

Disposable diapers have revolutionized the way American babies sleep at night. Traditional liners have caused problems with suffocation and excessive wetness due to the heavy, undersized gussets. Doctors have long complained about the lack of protection from the effects of chemical pollutants in traditional bedding. Thanks to technology and the ingenuity of people like DuPont, the world is finally getting the attention it deserves for the sake of our children!

DuPont is one of the biggest names in the diaper industry and huggies has been an excellent company for years. As an alternative to traditional cloth, huggies and disposables work better for your baby. If you are looking for an environmentally friendly product for your baby, look no further than a pair of pampers or duvets! For many parents, the best option is to purchase an organic duvet and cloth crib set. These baby products are not only safer but are much more affordable than traditional cloth sets.

While disposable diapers are more popular than ever, some Americans are still hesitant to switch to these. The truth is that this innovative technology has been adapted for use in municipal waste and veggies provide a safer option than diapers filled with plastic and polymers. This is not the only reason that American babies sleep better when wearing disposables, but there is also the added benefit of being kinder to Mother Nature. Second hand smoke stain can be impossible to remove with cloth, and using a disposable does not encourage secondhand smoke as it encourages recycling.

There are other reasons to buy an eco-friendly pair of disposables. If you are concerned about the environmental impact of traditional cloth diapers, disposable diapers offer the ultimate solution. These types of products cannot biodegrade, they are not affected by rain or sun, and they do not release toxic gases into the air. In addition, the average disposable diaper will last up to twelve years! An 8-year life span is much longer than that for regular diapers which may seem more convenient at the onset, but actually contain more chemicals than the natural product.

One major problem with disposable diapers is their use of chemicals. Two of the most common chemicals in diapers are Phthalates and Bisphenol A (BPA). Both of these are considered high risk factors for developing cancer. By switching to an eco-friendly alternative, you help reduce the risk factor and you support the effort to protect the environment. Today, American manufacturers are producing cloth and organic diapers, so there is no need to worry about sacrificing your baby's health to save money.