Pros and Cons of a Pop Up Baby Crib Tent

Crib Netting

Crib Netting has become a very popular product for those who own RVs. The main reason for this is that it offers a great way to keep your baby safe while also having an area for him or her to crawl into when they need to sleep. This in turn prevents them from falling out of the seat as well as from getting their legs stuck in the trunks and other places inside the vehicle. It also helps to keep your cargo secure so that it doesn't fall out onto the floor. While there are some pros and cons to using this type of set-up, understanding them will help you make the best decision for your own set-up.


The first pro to using Crib Netting is that it works to prevent mosquitoes from biting your baby. Mice and some other insects may not be able to stand the netting that is used on RVs but all other types of mosquitoes can and will. When you are driving around in your RV with mosquito netting in place, you won't have to worry about anyone slipping through the netting and crawling into your baby's bed. Instead, all you have to worry about is the real issue; bugs. They will still be able to get in under the netting, but since they can't walk through it, they will just fall right through. The bug dust that they leave behind is also pretty neat because it makes your furniture look pretty good.


Another pro is that it is comfortable to use when you are traveling. Most people who choose to use this for their crib tents are very pleased with the comfort that it provides. You can leave your baby in the crib while you are traveling and even take a short nap while doing so. Those who are excited to use this when they travel will be very happy with the results.


The only con to using baby crib netting as a mosquito barrier is that it does have its downsides. One of the downsides is that when the mosquito gets hit by the net, they will get very little wind resistance. As a result, the net may not do a very good job at preventing mosquitoes from biting you and your child. It is still a great idea to screen your house from mosquitoes when you are not using the area for your baby's room.


Some people find the sound of a loud, constant jet being pumped through a net very annoying. To that end, there are also some people who would like to have the same benefits and noises that you would get from a lullaby baby safety crib. Fortunately, you can buy a quiet, pop-up system for under $300.


For those who like a bit more protection from mosquitoes, there are cribs on the market now that also provide protection from the elements. If you want to use the same materials and netting that your crib provides, but you want a bit more coverage, there is a model called the Cribsight tent. The Cribsight tent is designed with a patented snap up design. This allows the parent to simply roll up the tent to cover the entire crib.


Crib netting has many advantages over pop-up systems, and these pros include the following. Crib netting has been tested and proven to prevent the spread of all types of bugs, including mosquitoes. Even with the tent crib, your babies are getting some ventilation, so they aren't getting exposed to the same dangers that airplanes are exposed to. Plus, the Crib Safety Tent also offers a double layer of UV protection.


While you will pay more money for the Crib Safety Tent, it is also an excellent investment for the amount of protection it offers your babies. With all of these pros and cons discussed, it is easy to see that a pop-up baby crib tent is not worth your money. Not only will it not keep your babies safe, but it is also doesn't provide your babies with the adequate protection that they need. When it comes down to it, the Crib Safety Tent is a waste of money that you shouldn't be spending on. If you truly want to provide your babies with the best protection, and you want to save money at the same time, then purchasing a premium quality netting system is definitely the way to go.