Choosing Convertible Child Safety Car Seats

Convertible Child Safety Car Seats

When you are looking for convertible car seats for infants and toddlers, there are quite a few things you need to consider. In fact, it really depends on the age of your baby as to which one will ultimately work the best for your baby. For instance, a convertible infant seat for a relatively small vehicle will be of less quality than one that fits an infant who is a couple of years older. It is important to also consider the weight of your baby when you are considering the best convertible car seat for him or her.


Graco is one company that has a good reputation when it comes to making convertible child safety car seats. Their styles range from simple ones that have just one car seat cover to ones that have two covers. With Graco, it is not only about the price but it is about the comfort and convenience that come with the seat cover. They also have other types of car seat covers such as reversible covers so you can change your baby's seat cover from time to time.


One of the things that sets graco out from other brands of seats is the fact that they are "cloth" friendly. This means that you can easily clean and wash these products without a lot of hassle. Of course, there are also fiberglass models, but many parents find that a cloth seat cover is much more comfortable and easier to clean, especially if you have an oil dependent baby.


As for safety standards, Graco has set several standards for their seats. First of all, you will want to make sure that the child seat meets the federal government's regulations. Then, as you look at the options for your particular child, check each one to see what their safety features are. Some of the features include Upholstered foam for extra protection against impacts and scrapes, crush resistant foam, low-gee springs that won't be damaged by an accident, as well as corner attachments. The corner attachment is especially helpful for older children who may end up causing the whole row to be tipped over or even worse, making it extremely difficult for you to get back into the seat. You will find that the Upholstered foam and crush resistant foam will help to keep your child safe.


Another feature you may want to consider when choosing a Convertible Child Safety Car Seat is how well it keeps your toddler in place. Graco convertible car seats have been designed with two front points and a rear point. The idea is to keep your toddler as close to you as possible. In order to do this, the vehicle seat will be adjusted so that it only puts your toddler forward for an equal distance behind you. This allows your little one to feel as safe and secure as they can be.


Not all infant seats meet the guidelines set forth by the Americans Automobile Association (AAA). To ensure your toddler meets the guidelines set forth by the AAA, check for the following labels on the unit: "CE" (Conventional airplanes approved), "FAA-approved" (aircraft only) or" FAA Certified." Most of the time, these labels will indicate that the particular seat meets the minimum regulations necessary to be safe. In addition, you should also keep in mind that most of these seats can only be transported with a motor vehicle that has been certified by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.


One more item to look for before purchasing an infant seat is whether or not it meets the requirements of the Child passenger Safety Enhancement Act of 1990. This act established minimum standards for seats for the protection of children who are in a forward facing or side-impact position. All seats sold today must meet this act's guidelines. Look for the words, "child passenger safety enhancement act" when examining the seats you're considering.


If you want a front seat that offers added support for your little one while also providing a greater degree of stability and comfort for both yourself and your baby, look for an infant car seat with a five-point harness system. These five point harnesses feature built in support for your baby and your own backside, which make them ideal in all types of vehicles. A five point harness system is also an excellent choice for side impact side collisions. Side impact crashes are extremely common in the United States, and many people survive this type of crash, without any serious injury. A side impact five point harness system can minimize the amount of damage your vehicle experiences during such a crash.