Child Safety Booster Car Seats for All Ages

explored 10 top quality Child Safety Booster Car Seats this year by Consumer Reports. Find out what Child Safety Booster Car Seats best suit you. You may also filter by brand, age, type and/or departments. There are three main categories to look at: those for infants, those for toddlers and those for school-age kids. Each category has subcategories, so be sure to explore them all.

Child Safety Booster Car Seats


Infant backless child safety booster car seats have been gaining popularity for quite some time. They work because they offer an easy way to strap a child into a car that has a driver's seat belt already installed. The child safety booster car seats do not feature a safety belt, but since most accidents involve vehicles anyways, it is better to have one anyway.


A Child Safety Booster Car Seat Review found that all except one of the backless infant models require two people to install a harness. The one harness model required only one person to do, so it may not be necessary to buy two vehicles to accommodate a child safety booster car seats. Although it is just one harness, it is recommended for infants because of the ease in fastening.


Some brands of the backless booster seat are equipped with features such as built-in sun visors or rain guards. It is important to check out the details of these features before buying. Some models do not offer headrests. Some seats have headrests but not the necessary harness. Consumer Reports review found that only the Graco stroller offers headrests on its seats.


One manufacturer, Chicco, offers a child booster seat that exceeds federal safety standards and is certified by The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It is called the Chicco Sunliner Booster Chair and it is certified by The NHTSA. This booster chair meets the upper criterion of acceptance for use in the front passenger vehicle of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's section of automotive engineering tests. The seat meets all of the guidelines and requirements of the Federal Motor Safety Standards for vehicle installation. It also exceeds federal motor vehicle safety standards for head support, the required weight, side impact protection and side curtain airbags.


Buckle Up Child Safety Booster Seats: All child safety booster seats should come with a safety harness, and most should include a strap belt, a buckle belt. Not all car seats buckle. Some buckling is required by law for your state.


Some booster seats have very wide backless booster seats that extend far past the vehicle's waistline. Some children may not be able to safely and comfortably fit into wide backless booster seats. Narrow backless booster seats are much safer and more comfortable for small children. Narrow backless booster seats also provide much better leg coverage than wider backless booster seats.


Some car seats can be installed on an automobile with a raised panel. These are not narrow booster seats, but these types of booster seats are made to fit into narrow places, like the dash. Some people install narrow booster seats in their cars. Some car seats can also be installed in a vehicle without a raised panel.


Some vehicles have a first available latch system. A latch system allows a child to be fastened into a seat by using a padlock. This is often more inconvenient than the automatic buckle-up system, though. A child must remain in the seat until the padlock clicks into place. Then, the child can be safely fastened into the seat and secured with a safety belt. The entire process of fastening a child into a booster chair is much more secure than it used to be with the first available latch system.


Some small cars, such as Honda sedans, have front seat child restraints. Small rear seat children may fit in some small cars, such as Honda Accords. These small cars generally have good side impact protection and good harness technology. Side impact protection is especially important for small children, who can suffer head injuries from hitting their heads against the side of a car. Side impact protection is also important for small passengers who may accidentally bump into a booster chair. Honda Accord sedans, with all their new design features, provide good side impact protection in the front as well as the back seat.


Finally, there are rear seat child restraints available for larger children. One popular style is the "Reinforced Thermo-Molded Camo" car seat. These car seats have a thick foam core for extra strength and are built to meet federal crush and impact tests. In addition to offering great protection for the head and spine, these car seats also have front and rear seat belts that hook in place. These seats offer great value in the front as well as the backseat.