Types of Changing Table Pads

Whether you're looking to purchase new Changing Table Pads and Covers for your salon or get inspiration for the perfect hair salon, you will find exactly what you're looking for on Houzz. This shop specializes in salon quality products at a great value. You won't find expensive, designer-looking changing tables on the internet so you can rest easy knowing that your clients are getting the best deal.

Changing Table Pads


If you're looking to purchase some changing table pads or a diaper changing pad on the cheap, you'll find it all at Houzz! They carry all kinds of great, affordable products including changing station covers, hair cuticle protectors, hair care accessories, shampoo and conditioner, and so much more. Their affordable prices make it possible for any style of salon to stock their shelves with great products and not break the bank. Even if you're just starting out and have limited funds, they make it easy to put together a great starter kit by offering some really great kits like the Baby Giggles Changing Table Pad and the Contoured Changing Table Pad. These two changing station pads include a baby giggle and contoured design in black nylon for a classy look.


If you have a large number of clients you're caring for, or if you're just starting out, consider investing in a few inexpensive changing table pads instead of buying whole armfuls of blankets. A few good quality changing pads to place on each of your clients' chairs will help cut back on disposable costs. Plus, with the many high quality waterproof changing table pads available on the market today, there's no reason to have wet blankets lying around. Keep your client's dry and comfortable with an easy-to-use, high-quality changing station pad.


Munchkin has a wide selection of disposable changing pads for offices, daycare locations, hospitals, homes, and more. Available in black, navy, and pink, these munchkin changing pads are made with the highest quality materials and are extremely durable. They also are very washable, meaning that you won't have to worry about rugs and flooring getting ruined because your client's favorite plush animal got spilled on them. Offering a soft, plush comfort for babies, children, and adults, these munchkins will make any location feel welcoming and comfortable.


Munchkin produces several popular styles of waterproof changing pads for hospitals, daycare, and offices. These styles include the Perch Pro Hanging Changing Table Pad, the Thera Cane Coastal Changing Table Pad, and the Thera Dome Arc Changing Table Pad. Each of these styles is designed with a strong frame that is built to support the weight of a child, making it easy to hang. The four corners of the pad are padded with a breathable material to keep cool and comfortable. A snap closure on each side of the diaper bag helps keep clean-up easy and simple.


The Thera Cane Coastal changing table pad is made of a durable marine grade nylon fabric, and the two sides of the changing pad are stitched together for extra strength. This waterproof changing pad has a vinyl zipper in the waistband that will keep clean-up simple. The front of the changing bag has a Velcro strap that can be attached to a backpack or messenger bag, and it also includes a pair of plastic changing pads with Velcro ties on the ends. This type of changing bag is perfect for quick changes, allowing mothers or fathers to quickly go from baby to toddler changing or vice versa.


The Thera Dome changing table pad is also available in a twin size and is perfect for families or individuals that may not always need multiple changing pads at once. The front pocket of this convenient style comes equipped with a bottle holder, so parents can keep bottles on hand and easily reach them when needed. The contoured changing pad also has a comfortably padded waistband that is designed to help prevent diaper rash or back pain. This comfortable baby gear is available in colors like blue and pink, and it comes with an elasticized waist belt to help prevent spill-related accidents.


If you are looking for an economical, waterproof option for changing tables, then the Thera Cane Coastal changing table pad is perfect for you. This baby gear is made of durable nylon fabric that is completely waterproof, and it is also guaranteed for leak-proof performance. No matter what type of baby gear you have, portable changing pads are designed with comfort and convenience in mind.