Breast Pump Accessories - Tips on Finding Discounts on Breastpumps

Before your newborn baby's arrival, you will want to have all of your breast pump and other breastfeeding accessories on hand so that you are prepared to begin pumping once you and your new family member to arrive from the hospital! Be sure to download an online copy of the Breast Milk Storage infographic and store it in an easily accessible place for a quick reference guide on current breastfeeding storage techniques, as you grow... There are two main methods of breast pumps today, manual and electric. This article focuses on the electric pump because it is more convenient and usually requires less upkeep than the manual types.

Breast Pump Accessories


Electric pumps come in two varieties: battery and electric-powered. Battery-powered models are very convenient if you don't have to lug around a lot of electrical outlets. The only drawback with these breast pump accessories is that the battery may run out of power when you least expect it. However, this is not always a problem as most electric-powered pumps come with an extended warranty and will typically last up to two years. If you own an electric model and your outlet suddenly runs out of power, simply recharging your battery should be enough to get you back in action. On the flip side, some battery-powered pumps require that you use human force to re-charge the battery, which can lead to some uncomfortable moments when you are pumping.


If you are using an electric model, you'll want to invest in one of the disposable nursing bras to make breastfeeding even easier and more comfortable. These special bra inserts fit easily into most cup holders and cover up just enough for your baby's head to be visible. Because most breast pump accessories are designed to keep the tubing away from baby's face and mouth, the use of a disposable nursing bra can help improve the overall comfort of your feeding session. These items can also dramatically cut down on tangling and wrapping of the tubing, which can cause painful and even painful breastfeeding migraines in some women.


Another one of the great new additions to the list of breast pump accessories is the hands-free pumping chair. This neat little accessory has a strap attached to the chair's seat and a wand in front of it. As you lay the baby in the chair, the wand reaches up and massages the nipples and the baby's mouth at the same time. You then let go of the strap and the hands-free bra comes down, freeing your hands to handle other things while you pump. This hands-free option is especially handy for moms with long, messy tresses who otherwise may find it difficult to pump using just one hand.


Other breast pump accessories that you might want to consider include milk bags, milk drinkers and spouts and bottle nipple cover. Milk bags are an ideal way to provide more milk when you're finished pumping, but if you don't have a lot of experience making them, they can be a bit complicated to use. There are also some models that feature a milk dripper attachment, which allows you to empty the milk from the bag into a special container. These milk dispensers are usually used with formula or foam milk, but they make great gifts as well!


Bottled milk is another popular option when it comes to breast pump accessories. Most new mothers have at least one ready to go in their purse or storage room. But what if you're out of milk during some of your most nursing sessions? If you're like most mothers, you dread the thought of running out of clean and pure milk just when you need it most. This solution is simple enough - simply attach a bottle nipple cover to the feeder bag during your pumping sessions to keep the milk flowing at all times.


Breastfeeding is one of the most popular health practices in the world, which means there are many organizations and products dedicated to helping women breastfeed safely and efficiently. One such group is The Breast Pump Foundation, which has been helping women breastfeed safely for over twenty years. Their extensive list of approved accessories includes bottle nipples (which are reusable and washable), milk bags, milk drippers, and other similar products. Because these items are often considered vintage or antique, they may not be sold in most stores, so you may want to consider shopping online to find the best selection and deals. Other online resources for finding discount Breast Pump accessories include Breast Actives and Motherhood Maternity.


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