How to Make Baby Bloomers

Baby Bloomers is a very fun and exciting project to make with your child. This whimsical knitted sweater is very simple to make. For this Baby Bloomers sweater pattern, start with a circular needle and make a looping stitch with your right-side facing. Pass the yarn through the first stitch of the right-side facing needle, then wrap it around itself (right-side facing) and pass the yarn back under the first stitch of the left-side facing needle. Make sure you pick up the yarn from the back under the stitch of the first stitch of the right-side facing needle. This Baby Bloomers sweater is ready to wear!

Baby Bloomers


To begin, pick up the yarn that was wrapped under the first stitch of the left-hand facing needle. Bring the yarn back to the front of the needle and place the dangling leg opening beneath the stitch where you would like to create the baby bloomers. You may choose any direction for the leg opening; however, many people like to have it directly behind the mother's right leg. With your free hand, pick up the second leg opening and pass the yarn over it.


The key to making baby bloomers is to ensure that you always choose the correct side. If you make a mistake by picking up the wrong side, when you sewed the sweater it would not look right. To avoid having an unevenly shaped piece, pick up the correct side before you turn the sweater right side out. If you find this method to be a bit tricky, use a serger to make sure the seams line up correctly.


Once you have completed the first two rows, move to the next two rows and repeat the process. This pattern should go on up to the third row, but if you find it is a bit challenging to repeat it again until you are happy with the way it looks. Once you reach the end of the second row, move to the third and continue to alternate back and forth between the second and third row. Once you have completed the third row, move to the fourth and repeat the process. Continue to alternate back and forth between the fourth and fifth row until you reach the bottom.


Here is where you can start learning and practicing. Once you have completed the entire Baby Bloomer, it is time to begin learning how to unravel it. To do this, fold the fabric in half and pull one corner of the square so that the two edges meet. Then, slide the needle underneath the square to hold it closed. Repeat these steps to create the first section of the sweater, then repeat the steps to create the second section.


When the Baby Bloomers is finished, it is time to secure them together. To do this, slide the needle underneath the square again to hold it shut. Then, insert your hook into the top pocket and pull the string tight. This will keep the squares stitches held together. You can then take your circular needle and go through both of the pockets at the same time.


Now, it is time to sew the Baby Bloomer together! To do this, place your sewing machine's needle into the middle of the square as well as the top pocket. Draw a line down the middle of the square with the front stitches. Once you have drawn this line, pull your string tight, but allow some room for the tail to hang. Sew the rest of the way down the garment using the back stitches to make sure the square is completely sewn together.


With your measuring tape, measure from the center of your leg opening to the bottom edge of the garment. Place the stitch marker next to the line that you have drawn to ensure the correct width is used. You can use the tailors size guidelines to determine the correct width. If you are unsure of the pattern, you can simply look at a picture to help determine how many stitches you will be placing.