Crib Bumpers - Important Accessories That You Must Have For Your Baby

Bassinet Bumpers

When buying bassinets for babies, most new parents think that the standard stuff like blankets and pillows are enough. However, there are a few special accessories that parents who are planning to buy a bassinet for their babies should definitely consider. The following are accessories that every bassinet should have.


These are accessories that are commonly known as 'baby death traps'. Their namesakes cribs, and they do exactly what they say: they trap infants. In the event of an infant death in a crib, it is very likely that a legal battle will ensue. Because of this, it is important that bassinet bumpers have safety locking mechanisms. If the crib bumper does not have this locking mechanism, it is very possible for parents to unknowingly trap their infant in the bassinet.


Babies often roll around in bassinets. This causes a number of different injuries, such as entangling themselves with the loose strings of the bassinet, or rolling off into the air. If this happens, it is very important that the bassinet bumpers have some kind of locking mechanism to prevent such catastrophic infant deaths. In addition, these bumper pads ensure that the baby will not suffocate in the case of such an occurrence.


There are also a couple of other accessories that should be present in bassinet bumpers. One of them is a strap lock, which is a very important safety measure. Without it, parents will have a very hard time getting their infants in and out of the crib. It is extremely important that the infant is properly restrained in the vehicle.


A third accessory that should definitely be present in crib bumpers is a footrest. No one likes sitting in a stroller for long periods of time, especially babies. They can get fatigued quite easily. By providing a footrest, you will ensure that your infant's feet will always be comfortably cushioned. These footrests also make it much easier for the mother to breast feed. This means a much safer and more comfortable feeding experience for both mother and infant.


The last item that should absolutely be present in bassinet bumpers is something called an emergency stop button. Some people mistakenly believe that this is solely for the purpose of putting babies to sleep when they suddenly die. While it is true that it will certainly keep your children safe from suffocation in the event of an emergency, it is far more beneficial to have one of these installed in the cribs. No matter what happens in life, the thought of your infant possibly suffocating at any time during the day is a horrible thing to think about.


There are many reasons why parents should use crib bumpers, rather than other options such as a high chair or a baby swing. For one, they prevent the baby from rolling out of bed while asleep. This can result in suffocation if there are any objects left within reach of the baby. It can also result in the baby banging their head on the side of the bed, which can lead to cuts and bruises all over the body.


One more reason why these accessories are so important is because they protect the baby's head and the rest of his body while he is asleep. The problem with traditional bedding is that it may be too warm or too soft for the baby. If it is not completely waterproof, it can suffocate the baby. If the blanket is not thick enough, it can also cover the baby's nose and mouth. In order to ensure that the baby is properly warm and has adequate air flow while asleep, it is crucial that he receives a high quality bassinet topper along with the crib bedding. Having this combination ensures that the baby receives the best possible comfort throughout the night.