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Toddler Toys - What's Right For Your Child?

Toddler Toys

Toddler toys come in all shapes and sizes. Your son or daughter will enjoy having a variety of playtime toys that are appropriate for their growing years. As you consider the types of toddler toys you purchase, consider what is most important to your child. Toddlers need educational toys that help them develop their senses and teach them to be independent. When shopping for your child's next play set, take into consideration his or her developmental needs. Let's take a look at some of the most important factors you'll need to keep in mind when choosing your child's next playthings.


Toddler toys should be sturdy and durable enough to withstand your toddler's rough play. Since they're going to be bouncing on the floor and possibly landing on things, you want something that won't break. You'll also want soft material and smooth edges. Toys that have too many sharp edges or that don't have good glues will simply cause accidents and frustration for your child.


Your child is going to get lots of his or her toys wet. So it's imperative that the toys you select offer a wide range of resistance to water. Many wooden puzzles, for example, can be glued together to form a squeaky toy that resists water better than traditional toys made from plastic. This way your child can have fun for hours, and his or her toys won't be damaged by everyday water splashes.


Toddlers like to pretend they are more grown-up characters, and so the toys they play with should reflect this theme. A doll house is a great way to do this. In addition to providing a fun place for your child to play, a quality dollhouse can also be a great investment because it can provide a platform for dolls' houses and other playsets once your child gets older.


Toddlers love art and creative toys. There are literally hundreds of toys available that allow your child to make art and designs. Many of these toys are made from wood or cardboard and are suitable for toddlers up to about ten years old. Some of the most popular artists' toys include Little Miss Muffet Sugar Plum, Brittle Berry Apple, and Mr. Bear. These toys can help your child develop spatial skills as well as hand and eye coordination.


Video games are another area where your child can have fun. One example is a Brinkmann play phone. Your child will sit in front of the television and interact with a doll. The more interaction she has with the doll, the more sophisticated the game will become. You'll find that your toddler will be happy to sit on the floor and play for hours on end if they're allowed to.


You can also use DVDs and VCRs to help teach your child about different sounds and rhythms. For instance, you can record a video of yourself reading a story. Then, you can play this tape back for your child to imitate. You can also record your own voice and read nursery rhymes to help with vocabulary and comprehension skills. Another good idea is to play DVDs with music and a peaceful background so that your child is not distracted by television, radio or video games when you're trying to teach them.


Toddler toys are meant to be entertaining and educational at the same time. You want to find toys that will help your child learn and grow. There's no reason to spend a fortune on toys that will just sit in a corner and collect dust. When you choose a toy, remember to consider your child's age and what will interest them in order to make the right decision. By choosing quality products, you can provide a healthy toy collection for your child that will keep them busy and happy.