Baby Nail Care - What You Need to Do For Baby's Nails

Baby Nail Care

Are you one of those parents that never had the patience for tedious and time consuming nail care for your little one? It takes a lot of time and effort to clip, file, shape and even paint the nails of your baby. This is why it is important to have a better understanding of the importance of healthy nails for your child. The Baby Nail Care System from Haakaa helps you safely trim your baby's nails right at home without the threat of scissors or clippers without having to risk injury! These special little gadgets eliminates the risk of hurting your child's delicate skin to create those all too common nail clipping sessions into fun bonding time.


Mothers and fathers can now share in the joy of baby nail care with ease. These clippers are especially ideal because they can be used on the first weeks of life and then gradually passed on to your kid. It is very easy to use and even less painful on baby compared to the traditional methods. All you need to do is apply the thin plastic trimmer right at the base of the nail. It only takes a few seconds and after doing so, your baby will be able to trim his or her own nails at their own pace! This is ideal for parents that wish to get in some quality bonding time with their children while still maintaining their sanity.


The most popular Baby Nail Care System product is the Haakaa Thumble. This is a small handheld clipper that looks just like the traditional baby stroller with a handle that is wrapped around it. When you press the handle, you can push the flap open and easily move it up and down. You then simply grab the clipper and use it to trim baby's nails down to about one half inch long. Since this device does not use blades, you can definitely be sure that there is no pain involved.


If you are a parent that has problems clipping baby's nails, the Haakaa Thumble might just be perfect for you. Since it uses blades, it will take a bit longer to cut down baby's nail compared to other clipper types on the market. But the results that you get from using the Haakaa Thumble will definitely be worth the wait! In fact, many parents say that they don't even feel that it's hurting their baby any more once it's done! That is why this is perfect for parents who have problems clipping baby's nails, but also for people who wish to get some baby nail care advice as well.


One more great option for baby nail care is the Baby Nail Care Kit from Haan. This kit consists of two different products. There is a skin care cream that can be applied on baby's nail bed after applying the thinner plastic trimmer. There is also a special numbing agent that can be placed under the skin and worked into place with the slender trimmer. The skin around baby's nails will then be very soft and easy to apply and remove with a Q-tip.


This is a very important part of baby nail care. The skin around baby's fingernails should be very clean and healthy so that infections can be avoided. It is also best for your baby to have healthy nails because if there is a problem, it will be easier to treat. Your baby should not be scared about having this procedure done. You can talk to your pediatrician about it and he will tell you whether it is okay for your child or not.


When you are doing the trim, make sure that the edges of your baby nail clippers are not scratched. If they are, it will only be a matter of time until the edges bleed or hurt. Once you have finished trimming, wash the area under the tip of your finger. It will be better for you to rinse it well to make sure that you are not putting bacteria on it. You can use a natural baby soap to wash the area after the trim.


For the first few weeks after the trim, you might need to use baby nail clippers to clip your baby's nails every other day. After a month or two, you can slowly work on clipping at a daily basis. Keep in mind that your baby might refuse to have his nails trimmed. If this happens to you, try again another day.