A Guide for Creating Your Own Baby Leg Warmer

Baby Leg Warmers

Making your very own baby leg warmers for newborns is simple and fun! It can also be extremely affordable yet personalized to the parents or tot's preferences, so that baby leggings could make for an authentic homemade gift. All you need is some extra pairs of women's stretchy knee socks (either the bolder the style, the better), a little sewing know-how (obviously not so much, but just a touch goes a long way), and a zipper for closure. There are many ways to make your own.


Most people who have made their own baby leg warmers have used patterned socks for the legwarmers. If you can find solid colors, that's best. However, if you're not looking for solid colors, you can use stripes or other prints for your baby socks. Remember that a child's skin color won't go with all kinds of patterns, so some of these baby blankets might not be the most flattering on your kid. If you want to be sure, try them on both feet.


A lot of first time moms think that they need to get fancy with their baby leg warmers, but really it's not that difficult. First off, all you have to do is cut some longer-than-usual socks into the size of your newborn's. Make sure you leave a couple of inches on each end of the socks. Put these on a set of elastic flatting, then cut short another couple of inches on either side. This is the leg warmer.


The easiest way to make your own baby leg warmers, is sew them together using a blanket or a pair of long knee socks. For this project, start by ironing the bottom edge of one sock into one sock, and then the other sock into the bottom sock. Sew the bottom edge of the first sock onto the same elastic flatting, and then the bottom edge of the second sock onto the same fabric. Now sew the two bottom edges of the socks together to form a sock over sock.


Once you have made your own baby leg warmer, it's time to put it together. For this project, first lay your little one on his or her back, and then take both long socks and the short socks and pull them onto the little one. Then wrap the long socks around the little one's toes, just like you were wrapped in a blanket. Now place one sock on each leg, with one sock over each one. Use fabric glue to hold the socks together, and then sew the two ends of the socks together.


Now, you need to turn your baby leg warmer on. If it doesn't already come off, pull the legs off individually by pulling the long leg socks right sides out. Then turn your baby leg warmer on and sew the two ends together, like you were doing with the long socks. This will help keep the leg warmer when the child is sleeping.


To finish off the set, sew the elastic closed. You can use fabric glue to seal the seams if you want a tighter fit. Be sure to leave about 2 inches of wiggle room so that your child can kick their legs and flex their legs during the night. If you find yourself having to do a lot of leg work in the evening, you may want to sew the elastic closed instead of cutting it.


As an added bonus, adding an extra sock to your baby leg warmer can add even more warmth. The extra sock acts as insulation to keep the baby's body heat in. It also adds extra support to fragile toes and fingers. The added material will also keep your baby's bottom warm. If you are using an old baby blanket, you can just shorten the length of the blanket and add a sock - it will still keep your baby warm.