Baby Inserts - What Are They and Why Use Them?

Baby Inserts  Liners

Baby Inserts & Liners are very popular nowadays. Almost every new mom I know uses one for their newborn's first few months. These liners have the same function as your standard baby beddings. They protect your baby from hard surfaces and they also provide you with a soft surface for your baby to sleep on. These liners are usually made of 100% cotton.


You can either choose white or pink, but you should really choose the color that matches the nursery. Some people choose to do their own color selection, so don't be afraid to be creative. White is always a safe choice, but if you feel like doing pink, go for it! Remember though, that it's not always easy to find matching colors in the store. This is why it's great if you can make your own!


The baby insert is usually inserted in between your newborn's crib mattress and the wall. That's usually all you need. You can use any size between a twin size to a full-sized baby. Most inserts are long enough that you can even use it as a changing table.


Baby Liners comes in two basic types. There are those that use a snap closure and those that don't. A common snap closure baby liner looks like an ordinary fitted sheet and snaps closed on one end. Other liners use Velcro for their closure and others use buttons, snap buttons or a magnetic closure. Baby liners with the buttons or magnetic closures tend to be more expensive, but I've heard of babies growing into them really quickly!


Liners can really make any baby's room look more coordinated, but sometimes you just want something plain that won't interfere with the decor. Liners are available in just about every color you could imagine. Some are quite basic, but others come in very ornate designs that will definitely add to the baby bedding. Because they're so widely available, you can even buy them plain so you can use them to create a center piece on a shelf, buffet table or mantel.


Once you have your liner in place, you can dress it up with matching accessories. Using a coordinating crib sheet and skirt or comforter will create a stylish, high-end look. Using baby booties, socks or tights in the same pattern or color as the liner will give it a splash of color without overwhelming the room. The addition of a wash cloth or a diaper bag is also a wise choice.


If you want to go really basic, you can always use baby quilts. Quilts are very versatile because you can use them to make any size bedding and use them again. If you decide not to use a liner you can still create a stunning baby bedding ensemble. You can start with a crib sheet and then simply fold it in half to create a triangular shape. Then you just use three parts of an old comforter (be sure to get the correct measurements!) and sew them together to create a soft and cozy quilt for your baby.


There are lots of ways that you can incorporate inserts into your baby's nursery. From pillows to bumpers to crib sheets, there are plenty of ways that you can update your baby's room with these simple additions. You can even turn one of these baby bedding accessories into a gift basket for a newborn! No matter what design or material you choose, you'll be able to find the perfect insert to fit your baby's needs.


You can also find baby bedding sets that will allow you to interchange bedding with each other. This is especially helpful if you have more than one baby. If your baby turns out to be a boy and then a girl, you can easily switch the gender of your baby bedding. If you already have a daughter and your second baby is a boy, you can just exchange the pink for blue or the green for the yellow. These types of set ups allow you to keep up with changing your baby's little clothes, too, so you don't have to buy new baby bedding every year.


When it comes to safety and hygiene, baby bedding with inserts is the best way to go. Because they are made of thin plastic, they can easily be washed and kept in the washer without worry. As a result, your baby is safe from skin irritations, rash or infections, which is critical for baby's first year.


Another great thing about using a baby insert is that you can find just the right one to accentuate or complement the rest of your baby's nursery. You can find many different colors, styles and patterns so there is bound to be something to suit your taste. Also, because you can exchange the insert as soon as your baby grows, you never have to worry about replacing a hole or two. In fact, you can use the holes that your insert makes to dress your baby with crib bedding so you never have to worry about the cost.