Choosing a Baby Highchair That Parents Will Love

A baby highchair is an inexpensive piece of furniture primarily used for feeding babies and young toddlers. Often the chair is elevated a fair distance off the floor, so an individual of average height can spoon-feed the infant comfortably from a seated position. It also often has a broad, flat base to ensure stability while feeding. Most commonly these chairs are used in the nursery of an elderly mother, where her infant can be fed without assistance from another person. Additionally, these chairs are frequently seen in day care centers and other facilities, where they are often utilized to feed extremely young children who cannot handle food themselves.

Baby Highchairs


Baby highchairs come in many different styles and finishes, from wood to plastic and metal. All can be decorated to meet a baby's personal preference. Many include storage compartments for feeding accessories, such as bottles, rattles and teething rings. A few chairs have built-in cup holders, making it possible for the mom to provide her infant with a drink while still feeding him. Some features include separate feeding seats for infants with and without diapers, and a slide mechanism to clean out both the infant and the chair.


One of the most popular styles is the Baby Sweety Fox Adjustable Highchair. This chair is designed to fit most standard crib mattresses. It is one of the best baby highchairs on the market, and it even accommodates larger babies who weigh more than twenty pounds. This highchair is made of plastic so it is both lightweight and durable. The frame is supported by four non-allergenic steel wheels, which allow this unit to be moved around easily.


An infant high chair with an extended base is also available in the Baby Sweety Fox Adjustable High Chair. This model has an extra long base that allows the mom to reach the toddler in the back seat. The extended base also makes it easy for a child to get in and out of the chair with comfort. The chair has an adjustable height adjustable, making it safe for children of all ages.


One of the most popular units is the Baby Highchair by Baby Trend. This model is highly rated by many consumers. The Baby Trend Highchair has received rave reviews because of its stylish design, which is also good for the environment. The chair has a comfortable reclining seat, and the back rest adjusts easily. Parents love the fact that this highchair has a front storage tray that is great for storing diapers and wipes. This model is also very lightweight, which makes it perfect for parents on the go.


The Baby Trend Highchair Vibrant is another model parents love. The chair has received rave reviews from several buyers because it is stylish and comfortable. It has an extendable tray that is great for easy diaper changing or feeding time. The chair is very lightweight, which makes it easy to pack up. The removable protective snack tray adds even more convenience to this unit.


A quick look at the Baby Trend Recliner Highchair also shows why parents love it. The reclining chair has an extra large storage basket underneath. The basket is removable, which allows parents to keep several baby items in the basket such as diapers, wipes, bottles, and toys. The basket can be secured in a snap, making it easy to take the highchair wherever it needs to go. The tray can also be used as a highchair, making it convenient and effortless to bring food to the baby.


For a family that likes a classic style, the Baby Trend Classic Wooden Highchair is the right choice. This model features a sturdy wooden frame and three reclining positions. The padded fabric cover over the frame provides extra cushioning and helps protect small babies from feeling uncomfortable. One of the most popular features of this wooden highchair is the removable infant car seat adaptor, which makes it easy to continue using the car seat even after the baby is out of the toddler bed.