Baby Hair Accessories - Pros & Cons

Baby Hair Accessories comes in a wide variety of categories. Props and headbands are two of the most popular types. There is not a shortage of pros and cons when it comes to headbands and other hair accessories for babies. Here are some of the pros and cons of each one.

Baby Hair Accessories


Pros The most obvious pro is that headbands are safe for newborns. Babies frequently pull their own hair so they can't always avoid pulling their hair or the hair of others in their environment. Some babies will refuse to wear headbands or other accessories. This can be avoided by using quality ones that fit over their head and aren't too restrictive. It is also important to choose a style that doesn't have any tangles or break easily which can make combing out loose hairs easier.


Cons Some new moms wonder if headbands and other baby hair accessories are safe for their newborns. New moms should note that clips and small bows can definitely be unsafe. Clips and bows can actually wrap around the babies' nostrils and burn the skin. There are also synthetic materials and other materials that can cause a rash if the baby touches them.


Pros Some parents state that using felt flowers and other baby hair accessories can provide the same look as the real thing. In fact, felt flowers are very similar to human hair. Purchasing a wig isn't easy and there are plenty of celebrities that don't even want to wear wigs. Using felt flowers or faux leather headbands are safe alternatives for new moms and newborns. Many consumers note that using these products will last longer than the clip on hair.


Cons Baby hair accessories may require adult supervision for care. The felt rose may require adult supervision for drying, color treatment, and straightening. The felt rose may require adult supervision for brushing due to small gaps that may abrade the babies' skin. The felt rose and other hair pieces per set may require adult supervision for use on public transportation.


Pros One of the pros of these items is that they can easily be used by babies. These products are great because they can easily be washed. These items can be cleaned in warm water with mild soap and then dried with a soft towel. These baby hair accessories are also hypoallergenic and are non-toxic.


Pros Some consumers note that these products are versatile and can be used by infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and teens. Since most of these items can easily be washed and dried, there is no need for harsh cleansers or shampoos. Since many of these products are hypoallergenic, babies can also use them without worry. In some cases, the pros outweigh the cons of these baby hair accessories especially for sensitive or easily agitated babies.


Cons Some consumers note that since these baby hair accessories come in varying colors, it can become confusing to choose which one will match a newborn's bright mood. For this reason, the koony baby or mixed design hair clips come in two different color variations: black and gray. You can browse the valuable information and reviews here.


Pros Of Using Koony Baby Mixed Design Hair Clips While many parents initially purchased these baby accessories without much concern, some realized that they are perfect for newborns. As you browse through the valuable information and reviews, many noted that their newborns wear the koony baby mixed design hair clips with ease and enjoy looking at them. As the baby grows, the clips can be adjusted so the hair is long enough or short enough to style his or her hair in any way you like. In addition, the clips are made of hypoallergenic material and can withstand washing in the washing machine, without being damaged.


Pros Of Using Koony Baby Hair Accessories Despite the pros of using these hair accessories, some consumers are concerned about the safety of them. When you read the helpful information and reviews here, you may observe that most of them are satisfied with these clips. For example, one user wrote that after using the koony baby clip that his daughter was able to eat lunch without any problems. He said that the clips are very safe, since they are made up of rubber.


The Cons Of Using Koony Baby Hair Accessories Although the pros greatly outweigh the cons when you compare these headbands with other options available, you should always keep in mind a few things before purchasing them. For example, you should not use these for photo shoots. Since they have rubber or neoprene backing, it may cause your newborn's head to touch the pram when he is wearing this headband. This could result in sudden illness or even death.


Whether you are a pro or a con when it comes to these headbands, the bottom line remains the same - the pros of these headbands greatly outweigh the cons. Therefore, consumers should purchase these if they are certain that they will fit newborns. If not, there are other alternatives that consumers may consider. In addition, before purchasing any accessory, you should always make sure that the company provides a warranty. Since Baby Headbands are designed to fit newborns, it is very important for the company to provide a sturdy product.