Baby Bottle Nipples

Baby Bottle Nipples. Nothing makes a parent happier than seeing their newborn's sucking on their fingers. There are many types of nipples available on the market today. They come in different materials (such as silicone) and can be molded into various shapes to help new mothers make breastfeeding easier. When choosing a baby bottle nipple, it is important to pick one that will grow with your child through the first few months of life.

Baby Bottle Nipples


If you're going to bottle feed and breastfeed from birth, seek out a baby bottle nipple shaped like a real nipple so that your infant can suckle gently from your breast. Sometimes, after nursing for a while, parents will choose to express breast milk and bottle feed their children. Silicone bottles are the easiest to clean and do not absorb liquids very well. If you find that your child is developing a sensitivity to plastic, you may want to consider Silicone Bottles. The biggest downside to these is that they break down after repeated use. Babies often put them to their mouth to start sucking on them and this can cause significant harm to their teeth.


Glass bottles can be very enjoyable, but are not appropriate for babies. The heat of glass bottles can cause nipple pain and discomfort for a baby. As you may have guessed, glass bottles are not the only option when it comes to baby bottle nipples. Other materials, such as metal, rubber and wood, are also available for bottle feeding.


Baby Bottle Nipples - Different Sizes. There are so many different sizes of baby bottles that manufacturers have created different sizes to fit different mouths. Before purchasing baby bottle nipples, you should take a look at the various sizes available. Your newborn may require a larger size than an older child. This is because infants typically consume more water at one time and larger nipples provide better nipple contact.


How Do You Use Them? Baby bottle nipples come with different methods of use. Milk dropper ports or pumps may be used to fill the container. A newborn may nurse from a bottle nipple with their mouth, while older children and adults may use pumps.


What's a Baby Bottle Nipple? The baby bottles come in a variety of shapes and colors, including yellow, clear, red, blue, silver, stainless steel and more. In addition, you will find many different brands and manufacturers such as Baby Qwest, Britax, Lactica, Naturepedic, Love Live!


How Do I Clean Baby Bottle Nipples? To clean your baby bottle nipples, just wash them in warm water. You do not need to use any detergent or soap when cleaning them. Just make sure the water is warm and not scalding hot. If your nipples get too dirty, you can always sterilize them by adding some extra bleach to the water and then washing it.


Can Baby Bottle Nipples prevent SIDS? One of the most important concerns of new parents is whether their babies will be able to drink from bottles with baby bottle nipples. The answer is yes. It is believed that some of the chemicals used to make the bottles may be a cause of SIDS. However, you do not need to stop feeding your baby with bottles if you have questions about the safety of the products.


Can I reuse my old bottles with the same nipple type? Your pediatrician will tell you that you are not supposed to re-use the same bottle or the same breast milk with another brand of nipples. It is believed that bacteria may develop in the mouth and in the breast milk and could possibly transfer to the child through nipple contact. There are new technologies in the market that prevents bacteria transfer. However, if you want to feed your baby with the same breast milk and nipple type, you can simply change the baby's bottle and breast milk at least once a week.


What is the difference between the first and the second stage of the nipple? The first stage of nipple means the baby is still immature enough to suck on its own. Baby Bottle Nipples at this stage are designed to produce milk continuously until the baby is weaned or introduced to solid foods. The second stage of the baby-bottle nipple has three shapes. The first is the inverted triangle, the second is the underdeveloped triangle, and the third one is the fully developed triangle.


Can you sterilize the baby bottles? You can sanitize baby bottles using any common household cleaning supplies. You just need to make sure that you clean it after every feeding and make sure to carefully follow instructions for sanitizing. Glass baby bottles are easier to sterilize.