Baby Birth Announcements

Baby Birth Announcements

Baby birth announcements are often one of the most exciting parts of planning for a child's arrival into the world. A typical baby birth announcement is an announcement typically sent out to family and friends by the proud parents of a new baby within the first few months of that baby's arrival for the sole purpose of announcing the impending birth of that baby. Baby birth announcements are traditionally posted in a prominent place such as in the door of the family home, in the shower room of the expecting mother, or at the office of the doctor who is handling the delivery of the child. They can also be posted in other prominent locations throughout the home and are often large enough to include a full-color photograph of the new baby and a birth certificate with the date of birth. In some cases, baby birth announcements are simply posted on the social networking websites like Facebook or MySpace, but they are also available in print form as well.


It is common for parents to choose to make their own baby birth announcements since they are able to customize them with much more detail than what may be offered through online sources or in stores. Custom baby announcements generally take longer to make and may require several visits to local printers to complete. The new parents will need to know the sex of the child as well as whether or not the infant will be delivered prematurely or if it will arrive shortly after its birth. Other important information regarding the newborn may also need to be included. These are things that would need to be discussed with the pediatrician once the date of delivery has been confirmed.


The typical baby announcements will have the baby birth announcements birth date, name of mother and father, weight, and length of the child. It may also have additional details like the city and state where the parents live as well as additional photographs. The additional photos may not be used if the baby has already been born, unless permission is given first. The city and state where the infant was born may be included in the information if it is pertinent. This city and state may even need to be verified before placing an order.


In many cases, new parents choose to create a birth book that is used as a keepsake of sorts. This special book may contain important events and pictures of babies from past years and may help baby announcements recipients remember the infant's birth date. Some parents choose to create a baby book as a gift to friends or family who have children in the same age group as the recipient.


There are a few things to remember when sending baby birth announcements. If the parents desire to have a photograph placed in the announcement, the date and venue should be included. The date and venue should be included because there are times when sending an announcement is done in batches. It is possible to order a batch of announcement invitations at one time and then send the announcements out at different intervals. The mother to be will want to know the approximate number of people expected at her shower. The guest list should also include the intended parents.


Baby birth announcements should be sent in a special envelope. Most new parents select envelopes with the theme of their chosen celebration. It is possible to find a variety of themed envelopes. The announcement should not be larger than a quilted card. This is because most people receive these announcements, not as a surprise, but to keep track of important dates.


When ordering a baby announcement, it is important to let all new parents know what their address is. If the new parents are traveling, it will make life easier for them to find a way to return the baby announcement invitation. This could mean additional expense, but it would be a small price to pay for an experience the new parents would never forget. In addition, it may be worth the extra expense to have the address of the senders of these announcements placed on the invitation itself. This way the new parents can be sure they are sending the baby announcement to the right place and to the right person.


Many companies sell beautiful baby announcements that combine a baby birth announcement with baby shower announcements. If you are in need of birth announcements and need to order only one set of them, consider getting separate packets of birth announcements for a shower. It is also possible to order the same set of announcements for both a baby shower and a baby birth. This way, you have separate announcements for your baby shower and baby birth.