Baby Beverages For Infants - How To Choose The Best

Baby Beverages are a must in today's world of formula fed babies and growing toddlers. Most of us have heard that babies who drink a lot of breast or bottle milk at an early age to gain a lot of weight very quickly and also grow up to be very obese. Some experts believe that this is simply because human milk contains proteins that stimulate the growth of babies. However, another prevailing theory is that the fat in the milk of a cow, which stimulates milk production in babies, gets converted into fats in the body of a baby. This fat, when combined with the calories from the mother's diet, can cause obesity in children even later on.

Baby Beverages


Some researchers believe that the consumption of cow milk or formula milk in combination with other foods and beverages can slow down or prevent the onset of obesity. For instance, they suggest that by starting children on low-fat milk, which is healthier for them, they could avoid the risks of heart disease later on. A number of studies have indicated that breast milk may lower the chances of a child developing diabetes, certain types of cancer, and certain allergies. Moreover, most babies who are given soy milk or other non-hormonal milk during the first year of life have lower chances of developing obesity as adults.


Whole milk is a healthy option for infants and parents. The fats and calories are easily digested by infants and they do not suffer from lactose intolerance as adults do. Studies have indicated that whole milk can help reduce the occurrence of allergies and asthma in young infants. Adults who choose to drink it instead of other milk sources are less likely to suffer from certain forms of cancer, like breast and colon cancer. Some researchers believe that drinking it in the first year of life helps reduce the risks of osteoporosis and certain forms of Alzheimer's disease.


Bottled Baby Beverages is one of the popular alternatives to breast and bottle milk. These products provide babies with all of the nutrients they need in a concentrated form. They contain no hormones or artificial coloring, so they are safe for most babies. They are available in several brands and can be found in most grocery stores and baby supply warehouses. The majority of baby formula makers do offer special formulas made especially for newborn, premature, or bottle-born babies. If you choose to buy a bottle-based product, it is a good idea to read the labels to check for added sugar or other artificial ingredients.


In general, cow's milk has been found to be beneficial for babies. The fat content offers the necessary nutrients necessary to help develop the body's organs. However, studies have shown that the fat in cow's milk may inhibit the growth of certain cells and may cause premature aging of the fetus. One group of mammals that is particularly important to a baby's health is the baby's skin. Human milk contains large amounts of helpful fats that help protect the baby's cells from damage. Other benefits of cow's milk include the fact that it is the ideal food for breastfeeding mothers and that it helps build the immune system of the baby.


While some people feel that breast milk may be too difficult to digest for infants, alternative sources of nutrition, such as soy milk or rice milk are available. Rice milk is especially good for infants suffering from allergies or who have digestion problems. If you decide to give your baby rice milk, be sure to mix it with a sweetener like sucrose. In addition, do not give your child cow's milk on a regular basis. The reason being is that cow's milk may cause painful symptoms, such as diarrhea, when he first starts drinking it. Baby Beverages can help your little one avoid stomach pain and other potentially serious gastrointestinal issues.


Another important thing to consider when buying a baby beverage is the source. Do not ever give your infant tap water! Most cities in the U.S. have laws against the sale of tap water for infant consumption, due to the threat of lead contamination. Be sure to always purchase beverages from reputable companies that specialize in infant nutrition. Only offer your baby the freshest and purest water possible, since most baby formula brands are loaded with preservatives to prolong shelf life.


It is important to remember that many baby health issues arise from a baby's nutritional needs, so the best way to ensure their health and development is by giving them the utmost in nutritional support. When purchasing baby drinks, be sure to look for one that contains vitamins A, D, E and K, as well as probiotic and herbal tea extracts. A quality beverage can be the key to a healthy, happy infant for up to six months of his/her life.